The Postulates of Quantum Mechanics

Disclaimer: I have assumed that the reader has a certain level of familiarity with basic high school math. “Anyone who is not shocked by quantum mechanics hasn’t understood it.” -Niels Bohr So! The double slit experiment has probably given you an idea about the workings in the quantum world. Let’s move on to the postulates [...]



Education is the force that has driven mankind to this point and will continue taking us further. True that drops make an ocean, and by that principle, we can kick back and relax, expecting others to make an impact. But since you are on Feynmand, I am assuming, you are not one of those types [...]

Machine Learning: A Perfunctory Overview

What is Machine Learning? Machine Learning is a sub-set of artificial intelligence where computer algorithms are used to autonomously learn from data and information. In machine learning computers don’t have to be explicitly programmed but can change and improve their algorithms by themselves. When did this act of "Training Machines" begin? A chronological arrangement of [...]

The Turing Test

If you have ever watched the Benedict Cumberbatch starrer “The Imitation Game”, you might be well familiar with who Alan Turing is. Alan Turing was a famous English computer scientist, cryptologist and mathematician who is considered as one of the pioneers of Artificial Intelligence. “Can machines think?” this seemingly inane and rather strange question bothered [...]