The Postulates of Quantum Mechanics

Disclaimer: I have assumed that the reader has a certain level of familiarity with basic high school math. “Anyone who is not shocked by quantum mechanics hasn’t understood it.” -Niels Bohr So! The double slit experiment has probably given you an idea about the workings in the quantum world. Let’s move on to the postulates … Continue reading The Postulates of Quantum Mechanics


Beginning of the Qubit I (The Double Slit Experiment)

Quantum mechanics took the world of physics by storm, phase by phase. But a paper by Richard Phillips Feynman changed the domain of computer science and the relationship between physics and computer science forever. Through that paper was born the qubit. Before we go in however, we must learn the tenets of quantum mechanics. And … Continue reading Beginning of the Qubit I (The Double Slit Experiment)